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We provide confidential on-line assessments to help you understand your current state as a basis for creating your individual development plan. I will help you implement your development plan as your personal life coach.

The Coaching Process


Coaching for Personal Development


Leadership Development Profile
Leadership Development Profile

We will explore your worldview or Action Logic – how you construct reality and respond to emerging situations, and plan for the future, through the Harthill Profile assessment.

People do not remain psychologically static throughout their lives. We undergo a long process of internal evolution across the lifespan.

I will work with you to develop a plan to help you move beyond the constraints of your current way of seeing things. 

What is Your Developmental Stage?

Learn how coaching-for-development can benefit you.

Opportunist > Diplomat > Expert > Achiever > Individualist > Strategist > Alchemist

The Opportunist

The Diplomat

The Expert

The Achiever


The Individualist

The Strategist

The Alchemist

People evolve toward highly individuated forms as they pass through a transformational developmental continuum throughout life.

The process of transformation is a complex, and fluid, learning spiral punctuated by periods favouring individuality over periods that favour communality, and vice-versa, although both poles are likely present in every period.

Learning is expressed as growth through the expansion of informational knowledge, and with periodic transformational knowledge gains.

Individuals living at any particular developmental stage construct their reality from different psychological perspectives. Their worldview can be quite distinct from those living at other developmental stages.

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James Marlatt PhD

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