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I can help you learn and develop better ways to handle the situations that are blocking the pathway to your goals at work. Contact me today to see what I can do for you.


We help you to use the feedback from your confidential on-line assessment to build self-awareness. The Stress Profile assessment identifies behaviours that contribute to stress. We offer other assessments to help you understand what is holding you back in life and work.


James Marlatt PhD
James Marlatt PhD

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What is Coaching

Professional life coaches develop personalized coaching models that are rooted in the personal experience of the coach and the coachee, and in theory.

Humanistic coaches utilize positive psychology and set aside their value systems and ego-driven opinions, in support of instilling greater self-awareness and transformation in the coachee.

Coaches move the coachee from a position of stasis toward a position of conscious choice.  

Coaching from a humanistic perspective is focused on facilitating positive change and moving forward in life or work on small or grand scales, in contrast to the remedial focus of the therapeutic counselling models.

The coach maintains a selfless focus on the needs, wants, goals, and vision of the coachee. Coaches become process experts, instead of content experts.

Coaches act in ways that free clients to find their own direction and solve their own problems.

My three-stage coaching model includes contracting, mutual inquiry, and a call-to-action.

In the contracting stage the foundation for a trusting relationship is developed.

The inquiring stage is founded on unconditional positive regard, deep listening, reflective feedback, and appreciative inquiry.

In the call-to-action stage the coach seeks a commitment from the coachee to move forward toward a resolution of dilemmas that they might be encountering in the workplace.

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Personal Coaching


James Marlatt PhD MBA ICF Certified Coach

British Columbia, Canada

Providing personal coaching services to clients in Vancouver, the Mainland & Vancouver Island through face-to-face, telephone and internet-based coaching.

Virtual coaching by telephone or internet everywhere else

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