Clear, Focused, Cost-Effective Leadership Development

Individuals from all walks of life and all levels of organization, who are motivated to move forward in their lives, can benefit from the support of a coach


| Design and facilitation of bespoke leadership development programs.

| One-on-one customized leadership coaching programs for high-potential employees.

| Competency-based leadership development assessments.

| “360” feedback assessments.

| Build organizational leadership capacity and business acumen.


Executive coaching for leaders. Help improve conditions that you face in the world of work and life. Through confidential conversations we work together to recognize your blind spots. These are blind spots have the potential to hold you back. They can lead to poor relationships, decision-making, and organizational culture. 

Our team development programs help leaders to understand leadership competencies and styles of communicating and conflict resolution. This can that can lead to higher performance that impacts the bottom line.

We work with you to develop customized leadership development programs focused on taking your organization to the next level of performance. Check out our range of services.


Our customized Leadership Pathways executive coaching programs help you to develop your leadership, team performance, business acumen, and increase engagement in life and work.

We work with high-potential individuals to build strong leadership, effective teams, and more engaged, profitable, and competitive organizations through executive coaching and leadership development.

> Our focus is on facilitating personal, professional and organization development through executive coaching and leadership development.

> Employee engagement, retention, succession, and leadership are critical issues that impact the organizational bottom line, however you define it.

> The evidence also indicates that high-potential leaders have a much greater influence on organization development in these critical areas than their high-performing co-workers.

> Our goal is to develop and deliver customized coaching programs to help you take your leadership, teams and organizations to the next level.

> We will challenge you to be the best that you can be through coaching, consulting, and mentoring – whatever it takes.

> Our programs are built around rigorous consultations, assessments, planning, coaching and reviews. It is all about leadership learning, personal and professional development, and making tangible contributions to your organization.


Our bespoke coaching programs focus on taking you to the next level in life and work.

We will work with you to develop your plan for the future.

We will set up a coaching schedule to suit your needs and availability.

> Good-to-Great Executive Coaching Program: Increase organizational effectiveness. Lead Self. Lead Others. Achieve Results. Develop Collaborations. Change the organizational system.

> Leaps-and-Bounds Leadership Development Coaching Program: Identify the gaps in your leadership. Leverage your strengths. Work on your weaknesses. We will help you to identify and hone the competencies that you need to get the job done.

> Get-Back-on-Track Performance Coaching Program: So you have fallen of the organizations rails. Let us help you to get back on your feet.


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We provide Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Vancouver & The Mainland & Vancouver Island, BC | Virtual Coaching & Leadership Development Everywhere Else

Leadership Pathways Program

Leadership Pathways Our leadership development programs recognize that leadership learning can take place in may ways and many situations.

We take the best of adult learning and practice to take you to the next level.

Leadership development starts with with building self-awareness and is leveraged through interactions with your managers, peers, and direct reports.

Intentional goal-focused engagement in day-to-day challenges in life and work can be strong catalysts for personal, professional and organizational  transformation.

Have a look at our Leadership Learning Matrix graphic in the brochure or on our leadership web page.

Leadership =  IQ + EQ The formula is easy, but getting the chemistry right is not so easy. We rely on a rigorous assessment process to inform your current leadership practice and potential for leadership development, within the context of your organizational system and culture.

Assessments We are accredited in assessment and facilitation tools and systems that focus on personality type, emotional intelligence, leadership competencies, team strength, leadership agility, and “360” feedback.

Level-7 Leadership We are accredited in Harthill Consulting’s leadership development system to help you to understand your current leadership style. 

Learn more about assessments here


Leadership Development Program Overview

> We work with you to develop a personalized coaching and leadership development programs that makes sense.

> During the no-cost pre-program phase you you will meet with your coach who will explain the nature of the professional and confidential coaching relationship and program and assessment options.

> We will identify current roadblocks and opportunities for your leadership development, start to map out your personal and professional goals, and develop your customized program.

Should you decide to proceed with the program you will engage in personalized assessments, coaching, and action-challenges over a 7- to 10-month period.

You will learn about how you show up as a leader, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and recognize how effective you are at managing teams.

> You will experience opportunities for personal and professional growth as you work with your coach and accept practical challenges in the workplace.

> On-going feedback from your organizational sponsor and benchmarking your progress ensures that you remain on-track and achieve results.

What’s Next?

We will talk about how coaching works including confidentiality, understand your goals and aspirations, and identify challenges in the workplace.

You will learn about the program element including our assessment options that can be useful in identifying specific strengths and developmental areas that you may want explore. We will report back on our meeting.

We work with you to develop a customized Leadership Pathways Program.

If you are interested in the program, your coach will design a customized approach to take your  leadership to the next level.

We develop an effective Coaching Relationship to help you to move forward in your life and work.

And we will ensure that your organizational sponsor is in the loop through three-way conversations.

Leadership learning takes time

Our experience is that staging our coaching conversations at 2 to 3 times per month over a 7 to 10 month period works well for many clients. This gives you time to try out new ways of doing, thinking, and acting in life and work.


More …

How do you define Leadership?

We can provide you with many definitions of leadership. But the challenge is not how we define leadership, but how you define leadership. We will help you to develop your purposeful vision for your leadership.

Your Leadership Assessment

We can help you to dissect your leadership. What is working and what’s not? We are your feedback experts facilitating authentic conversations, meaning-full assessments, and much more. Sometime the “truth” hurts, but it can also be a catalyst for deep learning and transformation.

Why Coaching Works 

Confidentiality, Trust, Authentic Feedback, Adult Learning Practice,  Business Experience: Your coach brings a lot to the table. Where else can you have a conversation where focus the focus is all about your well-being and success?

Adult Learning Principles

Every client is different. We understand adult learning and bring best theory and practice to the program. We recognize that one shoe does not fit everyone.

Developing Business Acumen 

We focus on developing your business acumen by building your leadership competency, your ability to develop and manage high-performing teams, and your your capacity for systems-thinking.

You will do a lot of heavy lifting to get there, but we will be with you every step of the way. Coaching, Consulting, Advising, Mentoring – we will do what ever it takes for your sustainable success.

Jim Marlatt, Phd provides customized coaching and leadership development solutions for high-potential executives. Contact Jim to discuss your individual, professional and organization development requirements.

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We provide executive coaching & leadership development consulting services | Leadership Development Vancouver & The Mainland & Vancouver Island | Executive Coaching Vancouver – Victoria – Nanaimo – Courtenay – BC


Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Programs

Leadership development consultants. We offer a unique value proposition to you through our Four Pathways to Leadership Development

In our blended consulting model we differentiate between therapy, executive coaching, consulting, and mentoring that relate to functional restoration, goal-achievement, delivering expertise, and guiding, respectively. 

Executive coaching is not therapy although functional restoration can be one outcome of an effective coaching relationship. As we develop our professional relationship you will have the opportunity to benefit from CoachingConsulting Executive  (advising), Mentoring, and opportunities for Transformative Learning.

All skillfully offered within the flow of our on-going executive coaching and leadership development coaching relationship. 

Executive coaching is focused on facilitating positive change and helping you to move forward in life or work on small or large scales.  

Your coach will maintain a selfless focus on your professional needs, wants, goals, and vision. Your coach will support you in attaining your short-term goals and simultaneously help you to prepare for long-term challenges and a fulfilling life.

And your coach will facilitate confidential conversations by asking questions, providing feedback, and insights, in a safe and unbiased fashion.The goal of the process is to enable you to turn your challenges into opportunities. To grow in your capacity, competency, and commitment.

Leadership development provides opportunities for personal and professional growth through learning and feedback that links your career ambitions to organizational needs of the present and future.

Our Leadership Development Competency Framework

We work with you to understand how Leadership Learning can impact your organization. Our holistic approach ensures that strategic, managerial and operational perspectives are understood and embedded in our programs.

Many organizations believe that improving Employee Engagement will lead to increased organizational performance. Leadership development can promote employee engagement and involves building cognitive, emotional and social behaviours and business skills that support personal and organizational goals.

Our Leadership Development Competency Framework links organizational strategy to individual and team development including new employee onboarding, employee orientation, leadership and high-potential employee learning and development, assessing performance through feedback, and career and succession planning. Have a look at our leadership competency development framework graphic.

Deep leadership learning requires a personal commitment to the on-going development of your capacity for reflection and emotional intelligence, and to understanding behaviours that impact relationships in the workplace and at home.

Our Leadership Learning Framework

We focus on bringing innovative adult learning solutions to your organization for individual, team, and system-wide learning and transformation.

Our framework for Leadership Development integrates elements of leadership learning with Adult Education best practice.

Our leadership development programs focus on building self-awareness, team-awareness, and organizational-awareness. And our programs focus on developing business acumen, achieving results, and effectively initiating and managing organizational system change for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Our model of facilitated Leadership Learning recognizes that learning occurs in three fundamental ways. Many adults learn best through experience, next through relationships with others, and to a lesser degree through formal education and training programs.

Learning can lead to doing things differently, or seeing things through a different frame-of-reference, or on occasion transforming our way of engaging with the world around us, respectively.  Have a look at our leadership learning framework graphic.

Our customized executive coaching and leadership development programs are focused on demonstrating a measurable Return-on-Investment for our individual and organizational sponsors. Developing your business acumen is key goal of our coaching and leadership learning programs.


We offer a full range of personal, professional, and organization development services, including executive coaching and leadership development. Executive coaching and leadership development Vancouver & the Islands & virtual programs.


Coaching Programs Vancouver
Leadership Pathways Programs

Our customized Leadership Pathways executive and leadership coaching programs help you to develop your leadership, team performance, business acumen, and increase engagement in life and work. Executive coaching and leadership development Vancouver & the Islands & virtual programs.

We work with high-potential individuals to build strong leadership, effective teams, and more engaged, profitable, and competitive organizations through executive coaching and leadership development. 


Leadership development takes place within the broader context of the organizational system and forms one part of a framework for building more effective organizations that is focused on Increasing Employee Engagement, Retention, and Performance.

These frameworks can include succession planning, high-potential talent selection and management, new employee onboarding, mentoring, and leadership development programs.

We help you to develop a holistic approach to organization development with a focus on executive and high-potential talent management and a goal of integrating this focus into a sustainable strategic process.

Our services are focused on the following areas of organization and leadership development:

> Business Excellence Framework

> Strategic Management

> Employee Engagement

> Succession Planning

> New Employee On-boarding

> High-Potential Talent Management

> Leadership Development Programs

> Leader-Coach Training

> Group Facilitation …


Developing effective teams is a cornerstone of any organization and leadership development strategy. Effective teams have a high level of support form the organization, have an excellent team leader fit, and work at high performance levels. They are the engine that drives organizational effectiveness.

Successful teams consist of people who have a sense of common purpose, high levels of trust in each other, a strong collective and relevant skill set, the capacity to work as a cohesive unit, and the ability to complete the task on time and on budget.

We help you to recognize the developmental stage of your team, to identify indicators of team dysfunction, and to identify and Develop Critical Team Competencies that help you to take your organization from good to great.

Our services are focused on team building, team coaching, group facilitation, and individual and team assessments.

> Team Building

> Team Coaching

> Group Facilitation

> Assessments …


How often do you have the opportunity to have a trusted confidential professional relationship where the conversation is all about you?

Executive Coaches use a wide variety of theories, methods, and techniques to help you to identify and set goals to improve your professional performance and personal satisfaction, leading to improved organizational effectiveness

Coaches focus on helping you to identify and develop the underlying cognitive, emotional, and behavioural characteristics that you can build upon to take your performance to the next level.

Through active listening, authentic feedback, and powerful questions, your coach can help you to recognize and understand how your current practices are helping or hindering you.

And more specifically we work with you to identify and develop critical leadership competencies, identify and map your goals, and develop a specific development plan to take you forward in your leadership.

Our confidential can provide valid and reliable indicators for your leadership development. Our assessments include personality type, styles of team interaction, emotional intelligence, leadership competency, and learning agility.

Several of our assessment are 360’s, where supervisors, peers and direct reports are invited to provide a confidential assessment of your aptitudes and performance.

Your coach is trained in the administration and debriefing of your assessments.

Your assessments can provide a starting point to help you to understand your leadership style, way of engaging others, and behavioural triggers.

Your assessment can be used as a rich source of information for coaching and leadership development.

Our services are focused on a variety of coaching areas, leadership development, leader-coach training, and mentoring.

> Executive Coaching

> Leadership Coaching

> Business Coaching

> Performance Coaching

> Leadership Development

> Leader-Coach Training

> Mentoring

> Assessments ..


We provide confidential Life Coaching, Transformational Coaching, and Mentoring services to individuals from all walks of life. Executive coaching and leadership development Vancouver & the Islands & virtual programs.

Life Coaching

A Life Coach can help you to gain perspective when faced with life’s dilemmas by providing an objective and unbiased ear and voice to understand our “interior conversations.”

Coaching is not therapy.

Life coaching is based on positive psychology, and the belief that you are fully capable of taking steps to develop and move towards your goals in life and work.

Working with a coach can accelerate your movement toward your goals.

Transformative Coaching

Leadership Development Profile
Leadership Development Profile

Transformative Coaching isn’t for everyone. 

Transformative Coaching is based on the evidence that an individual’s frames-of-reference or habit-of-mind can change over the life span in response to significant life events. 

A shift from one way-of-being in the world to another way-of-being in the world can be understood through the lens of Human Development and Transformative Learning theory.

See our article about the Leadership Development Profile. The evidence suggest that individuals who develop to later human development stages can exhibit a greater capacity for reflection and systemic thinking among other unique attributes. These are two characteristics that can be valued in leadership and in society at large.

Shifting to a later developmental stage (way-of-being) can be facilitated to some extent and is the focus of Transformative Coaching.

We utilize the Harthill Development Profile to benchmark an individual’s developmental stage or way-of-being and acting-in-the-world. We find that some people benefit from understanding their current way-of-being and acting-in-the-world from a developmental perspective.

Understanding how other individuals might exhibit a different way-of-being and acting in the world can be useful too.

Having a framework for understanding how our differing gifts are often a play in life and work can significant to leaders who are interested in developing more effective organizations and teams.

And for individuals who are interested in the development of their human potential. This is sometimes referred to as the process of individuation, or of becoming a whole person.

Transformative learning isn’t for everyone. We work with individuals who are interested in facilitated development after careful reviewing the implications of attempting to shift to a later developmental stages with you.

> Life Coaching

> Transformational Coaching & the Harthill Leadership Development Framework

> Mentoring

> Assessments …

Jim Marlatt, Ph.D., MBA, P.Eng., specializing in individual, executive and organization development consulting. He has over 20 years of international business and consulting experience from the front-line to board room. Jim is a Certified Executive Coach and holds a Ph.D. in Coaching and Leadership from Fielding Graduate University. Executive coaching and leadership development Vancouver & the Islands & virtual programs.






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