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Jim can help you to move forward in life and work. A collaborative coaching relationship can help you to fulfill your aspirations, establish and meet meaningful goals and realize tangible results.  It could be one of the most important professional relationships of your life.

How We Can Help You

Coaching – Leadership Development – Team Building – Organization Development

We help people and organizations to change and develop through personal and executive coaching, leadership development, and organization development.

| One-on-one performance, leadership & executive coaching.

| Competency-based team coaching for engagement & results.

| “360” assessments, psychometric assessments, team assessments.

| Select one of our coaching programs or customize to suit your needs.


Coaching Programs

> Good-to-Great Executive Coaching Program

Increase organizational effectiveness. Lead Self. Lead Others. Achieve Results. Develop Collaborations. Change the organizational system.

> Leaps-and-Bounds Leadership Coaching Program

Identify the gaps in your leadership. Leverage your strengths. Work on your weaknesses. We will help you to identify and hone the competencies that you need to get the job done.

> Get-Back-on-Track Performance Coaching Program

So you have fallen of the organizations rails. Let us help you to get back on your feet


Executive Coaching - Leadership Development - Team Building - Coaching
Coaching & Leadership Development


Jim brings 110% of himself to every coaching conversation. In not one instance have I felt that he was distracted or focused on something other than me and my personal success. That is huge in a coaching relationship. He is totally committed to helping me clarify and achieve my aspirations and does so without judgment or bias. – K.M. Executive Coaching – Leadership Development – Team Building – Coaching.

Individual & Cohort-Based Leadership Development Programs

We work with high-potential and competitive organizations through executive coaching and leadership development.

Team Development Programs

Our customized Leadership Pathways team development programs and team building programs help you to develop your leadership, team performance, business acumen, and increase engagement in life and work.


Take a few moments to answer these questions …

• Do you find yourself in conflict with the culture of your organization?

• Are you stuck in certain situations and you do not know how to move forward?

• Do you dream of being part of a high performing team?

• Would you like to be a more effective leader?

• Do you want to be successful at leading changes?

• Do you want to achieve a better professional / personal life balance?

• Are you between jobs?

• Do you believe that anything is possible?

• Are you passionate about your future? Or are you unclear about your direction?

• Are ready to take chances? Or are you stalled?

• Are you ready to be more fulfilled in their work? Or are you aimless?

• Are you ready to make changes and make a difference? Would you like to?

• Are you ready to give up the status quo? Or are you unsure about the future?

• Are you ready to unleash your full potential and to surpass your dreams?


• Partner with a coach to promote your ideas and discover your aspirations

• Set and achieve the goals you have on your own agenda

• Your coach will assist you and listen while you move through challenges

• Feel supported while moving towards the outcomes you desire

• Create tangible business results

• Support the creation of a people-centred workplace

• Improve employee retention

• Respond to and succeed in managing change

• Achieve personal and organizational alignment and grow as a person







Face-to-Face, Telephone, and Internet-Based Coaching

Specializing in life and executive coaching face-to-face, by telephone, or through Internet voice or video conferencing, providing cost-effective solutions, anywhere, anytime. Offering great value to leaders in a busy world of business.

Executive Coaching

I work with individuals, executives and managers in all kinds of organizations to help people and teams to build better organizations, and to feel more fulfilled in their roles by maintaining work-life balance.

Individuals are interested in coaching for personal development and fulfillment – becoming the best that they can be.

Companies are interested in coaching because they believe that it can lead to a good return-on-investment in terms of employee engagement and retention – factors that can lead to increased profitability.

Executive coaching involves developing confidential and trusting relationships that can lead to conversations that are focused on identifying issues that need your attention.

One goal is to find solutions that can lead to personal growth and development and positive change in the workplace.

Professional coaches have formal training in building trusting relationships and catalyzing change by asking powerful questions.

I leverage my coaching experience with my business experience as a manager and a leader to add value to our executive  coaching relationship – developing your business acumen. Sometimes

I act as your coach, or your mentor, or your business consultant. I work hard to help you to gain momentum and to move forward in life and work

Life Coaching

Life coaching is focused on helping you to recognize, understand and move through issues and feelings of  “being stuck” in life and work. As your life coach I will work with you to find ways to help you experience positive change and to move forward in life or work on small or grand scales.

Life coaches focus on positive psychology and are experienced at setting aside their value systems and ego-driven opinions, in support of instilling greater self-awareness, confidence, and transformation in you. 

As your life coach I will help you to move from feelings of being “stuck” toward a position of conscious choice. The focus will always be on your needs, wants, goals, and vision for a better future. 

We will work together to find ways that will free you to find your own direction, solve your problems, and move forward in life.

Life coaching works! 

As your life coach I will rely on a three-stage coaching model that will include building awareness, mutual inquiry, and a call-to-action. 

In the building awareness stage the foundation for a trusting relationship will be developed. 

The inquiring stage is founded on unconditional positive regard, deep listening, reflective feedback, and appreciative inquiry. This is where we identify and fully understand the issues that are holding you back. 

In the call-to-action stage I will seek a commitment from you to move forward toward a resolution of dilemmas that you are encountering in your life and work. 

Business Coaching & Organization Development

Business coaching and organization development involves discovering ways to improve your business administration practices.

We work with you to develop your business acumen. We work together to identify ways to make your organization more efficient and effective. This usually involves leadership development.

Business coaching addresses the way that you approach business problems and engage with supervisors, co-workers and frontline workers within the context of the organizational setting.

We work together to refine your approach to organization development, strategic management, change management, business excellence, talent selection, talent management, succession planning, employee engagement business process management, and more.

You will benefit from our business experience from the front-line to the boardroom in large, small, and private organizations.

Business coaching is focused on your developing your leadership and business acumen. It’s all about improving the bottom line … however you define it

Team Building

We work with teams to help them to become more efficient and effective in their day-to-day activities in the workplace.

I am a certified executive coach facilitator, and team coach with certifications in individual and team assessment systems that can be used to help take your teams from “good-to-great.”

Leadership Pathways Program - Executive Coaching Kingston
Leadership Pathways Programs

Although teams are recognized as engines of the progress in organizations, limited attention is commonly directed towards their development and success.

Understanding the nature of team development and team dysfunction can be a starting point for many leaders to develop higher levels of team engagement that will lead to tangible and intangible benefits to the organization.

Team behaviour is related to team leader fit, team support from the organization, and to team dynamics.

Team dynamics include having a sense of common purpose, trust in each other, having a collective skill set, operating effectively, and executing successfully. 

Understanding that teams typically evolve through stages of team development can provide a framework for understanding your team dynamics, team performance, and team growth. A

s your team coach I rely on evidence-based models for team development that focus on developing competencies that work for a high-performing work team. Team building works!


Leadership Development

Leadership Pathways Program - Executive Coaching Kingston
Leadership Pathways Programs

I work with individuals and organizations to help build their leadership capacity through coaching and customized programs that leverage assessments.

Frameworks for learning can be built around the 70-20-10 learning concept, and the LEADS model.

The 70-20-10 learning concept honours the ideas that we learn best through action, next through interaction with others, and finally through “book” learning.

This is just a simple framework for discussion to build out a more complex program with your input. T

he LEADS leadership development model promotes the idea that leadership can be developed by building self awareness, engaging with others, developing business acumen, establishing networks and by facilitating organizational change.

I am familiar with leadership theory and practice with accreditation in competency-based “360” assessment systems.

Elements that we will consider for a personalized or team-based leadership development program are presented in the following table.

The leadership program components include modules that focus on Leading Self, Engaging Others, Achieving Results, Developing Collaborations, and System Transformation.

Our leadership development focus will be on building self-awareness, building emotional in intelligence, building leadership competence, building team-awareness, and understanding the role of innovation and organizational change.

You will learn how to be a Leader-Coach, and too demonstrate your leadership through the lens of your Individual Leadership Development Plan.



Individual and team assessments can be very useful in building awareness about many things including personal development, personality type, emotional intelligence, leadership and team competency. I am accredited in many of these systems and incorporate them into my coaching and leadership development programs.

√  Leadership Development Profile –  Learning Agility

√  Leadership Competency Framework (360)

√  Team Building  

 Personality Type & Teams

√  Emotional Intelligence (360) 



I have been involved with executive coaching and leadership development consultant coaching leaders, managers and front-line workers in many industries over the past decade, with experience as an internal coach and leadership development advisor with a large corporation where I gained a lot of experience with designing and facilitating leadership development programs. I have been an independent coach, leadership development consultant, and business consultant for the past decade.

Leadership & Management

Bringing leadership and management experience to the coaching conversation can be valuable. I have over 25 years of international experience as both an executive and manager in the world of business from the front-line to the boardroom in large, small, private, and entrepreneurial start-up companies.